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5 Best tips for maintaining Blinds and Shades for your Home

Have you ever looked forward to waking up in the morning, when you can start your day with fresh, clean blinds and shades? Even if you’re tired at work, you know your eyes will rest and be refilled with some good energy once you get home. That’s what good blinds and shades do for you! 

A blind or shade is an essential component of a window covering system. It is the most important component for allowing light to enter your home or office but keeping it private and secure. That’s why a clean set of blinds is a must-have for every homeowner, and here are 5 best tips for maintaining window shades and blinds in the most efficient manner possible.

1. Use slightly damp cloths to clean the blinds & Shades: The best way to clean blinds & shades is with a slightly damp cloth. Whether you’re looking for a quick dusting fix or a more thorough clean, the tools needed are simple, and the process won’t take long.

All you need to clean your blinds & shades is an old sock or terry cloth, water, and a step stool. You can either wet the fabric before you start cleaning or use a spray bottle to wet the blinds & Shades as you go. It will keep your cloth from soaking through and dripping water all over your window sill and floor. For easy cleaning, place a towel on the windowsill underneath your blinds & Shades to catch any drips.

2. Vacuuming your shades & Blinds: Vacuum your window treatments every two to three months using a brush attachment. The brush attachment will remove dust and dirt without damaging the fabric or slats. For example, to remove dust and dirt from pleated shades, place the vacuum nozzle in between each pleat and move side to side.

A quick way to clean your shades and blinds is to use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. You can keep your shades and blinds looking great for years by taking these steps.

3. Avoid too much Sunlight: Keep blinds and shades out of the sun. The heat from the sun can cause fading, warping, and discoloration. This will leave your window treatments looking dull and worn down. The best way to keep your blinds and shades out of the sunlight is by keeping them closed as much as possible throughout the day.

4. Replace broken components: Like most people, you don’t think about your blinds and shades until they break. Then it can be very frustrating to operate them. And if you have more than one child in the home, you may have a higher frequency of broken blinds and shutters!

Whether it’s a broken ladder string or a missing tilt wand, you can generally fix your blinds and shades on your own. However, if you’re not feeling too confident about this, ask a friend or family member to help. Also, you can contact us for check-ups; we provide affordable blinds and shades for your home.

5. Paint off the stains: The first step is to remove the dust and dirt. Next, tape off the areas you don’t want to be painted, such as the top and bottom rods. Cover them with plastic drop cloths or newspaper if you don’t want to remove the blinds from the window.

Paint your blinds with a small foam roller and paintbrush. Two light coats are better than one thick coat because it will dry faster, allow for greater coverage and help prevent runs in the paint. Allow each coat of paint to dry before applying another. For best results, apply a primer before painting your blinds or shades. Primer helps the paint adhere better to smooth surfaces like most blinds, such as colored vertical blinds, which can make all the difference in how long your paint job lasts.

To successfully maintain your blinds and shades, you need to remember that the longevity of the type of blinds and shades you choose will largely depend on how it’s been maintained. Windows Treatment By Dave can help by choosing the right fabric and material is just the beginning. Our expertise provides tips you can follow to prolong the life of your blinds and shades for your home. To reach us, you can search “window blinds Mechanicsburg, PA” or you can schedule a free consultation by clicking here.

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