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5 Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Window Treatments

A sense of home is all about perception, and no matter where one lives, one can create true warmth and originality. Even with all of your home’s unique props, it’s difficult to overlook the windows; picture how different the interiors would feel and seem if the windows were unadorned.

Window treatments are like the jackets of interior design: they’re usually the last item you add, yet they can dress up or down a room. If you’re just beginning your window treatment quest, here are some tips and tricks to get perfectly customized window treatments for your home:-

  1. 1. The Complimenting Window Shades
  • Do you want the fluidity of curtains but with better control over the light? Shades might be the ideal choice for you! They aren’t simply for square windows. Shades can be designed to match specialized openings such as French doors, arches, and circular windows. They can be motorized, hence they are safer and more convenient to operate. Screen shades are suitable for brightly lit spaces that get a lot of natural light.

  1.  2. Charming Wooden Blinds For Your Windows
  • When it comes to blinds, nothing beats the allure of authentic Wooden blinds. Wood’s rich and warm feel has a timeless charm.  At the same time, wood compliments modern architecture brilliantly, since it combines well with any wooden furniture.

  1. 3. The Long-Lasting Window Shutters
  • It all comes down to what you’re searching for when it comes to finding the best shutter choice for your house. Is privacy a priority for you?  Do you want more control over the light that comes in through your windows? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Double-hung Shutters might be the ideal internal shutter solution for you. These shutters, which have a modern style and a number of configurable choices, are ideal for big or specialty windows.

  1. 4. Timeless Drapes
  • Do you want to add a warm, soft accent to your room? Window Drapes will always remain a classic, thanks to the seemingly limitless variety of customization possibilities, such as styles, fabrics, and patterns. Drapes are also available in practically every price range.

  1. 5. Consider A Minimalist Approach 
  •  Everyone appreciates an elegantly draped satin curtain just as much as the next person, but minimalism is more appropriate for a wider range of houses and tastes. But don’t mistake minimalism with bland – layering fabrics, introducing patterns and texture into the design, and adding side panels are all terrific ways to boost the drama subtly.

We’re not ready yet! Here are a few additional things to consider while implementing your customized window treatments before swiping your credit card.

  • – If you have patterned furniture or noisy bedding, you should usually go with solid coverings (and vice versa).
  • – Making your curtains 2 to 2.5 times the width of the window avoids them from looking overly broad or narrow.
  • – As a general guideline, extend the rod three to six inches beyond the frame of each side of a window.
  • – If you’re going to use curtains, make sure you have tiebacks! They not only enable you to draw your curtains back beautifully and create a new form but also assist bring in light and warmth.

Finding the perfect consultant for personalizing your window treatments can be challenging. But, at Window Treatments By Dave, we love to prioritize our customer’s desires. We bring with us a wide range of window treatment choices such as blinds, accents, shutters, shades, and drapes and aim at making the window treatment procedure as simple and cost-effective as possible. 

If you wish for a wholesome service that begins at measuring the size of your window and ends at delivery of materials and installation, dial us up immediately for a free in-home consultation immediately! 

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