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5 Tips to Pair Curtains with Plantation Shutters

Are you planning to spruce up your home?

Are you also looking for simple, minimal, yet fabulous ways to upgrade your home décor?

If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. In the modern era of today, many people opt for the minimal design style when it comes to home décor. From furniture to cutlery to even curtains, there are several interior decoration ideas that you can make use of without too much hassle. Take plantation shutters, for example. They have been the hot new trend for a while now, with every other house opting for the low-maintenance shutter blinds. If you have made a similar choice, you are likely wondering how to pair curtains with plantation shutters. Here are a few cool ideas for your window shutters.


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Net Curtains

Net curtains are the simplest and easiest idea to decorate window blinds. This is the best idea for those who love a dainty little touch in their home décor. They are not too bulky. Hence, they don’t take up too much space. The gentle breeze swaying these light curtains will also be pleasant to look at.

Want to efficient utilization of your space and flexible split? Panel track systems can be used to make a separation within a room

This panel track system gives us multiple options. Separated panels make it possible to counter sunlight and to screen the view.

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Tie Them Back
Whether your preferred curtain style is light and dainty or fancy, tying the curtains back will work on all kinds of curtain styles for any window shutters. Some curtains come with a ribbon or band attached to them so that you can tie them back towards the edges of the window. This will add a fancy, decorative touch to your home interior. Natural Drapes can dress your wide windows in environmentally sound style which provides the elegant look to your home.
Light Frills

If net curtains are too light for you but you are still looking for an option that won’t be too heavy, you can go for frilly curtains. They are decorative yet light enough to keep the light and wind coming in from the windows.

Slide to The Side

One of the many tips to decorate your vertical blinds is to add curtains but keep them to the side. This will make your windows look more prominent, thus giving the illusion of a spacious room. Doing so will also the light in, impacting your mind and mood positively.

Color and Contrast

While it may be a classic move to get drapes the same color as your shutter blinds, you can take the home décor up a notch by purchasing drapes that contrast your plantation shutters. The color contrast will add more personality and liveliness to your décor and act as a complementing addition to your wall décor.

Here are a few easy ideas for you to decorate your windows without spending too much time, money, or effort. Luckily, today, you don’t even have to go out and browse for hours to find the perfect shutter blinds for your home interior and curtains for them. All you have to do is go online and search with the right keywords like “plantation shutters near me” or according to your location like “plantation shutters USA” or “curtains USA.” Have fun decorating!


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  1. I’m doing minor renovations inside my house before the holidays arrive, and I was considering getting plantation shutters for my living room windows soon. I found your suggestion interesting when you told us to pair net curtains with window shutters since they give a pleasant appearance without taking up too much space. I’ll keep this suggestion in mind while I shop for plantation shutters this weekend.

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