Cleaning Tips for Window Blinds

Do you think, Cleaning the window blinds is difficult?

Definitely Not!

Blinds for windows are basically Simple window treatments which are made of numerous small components, all of which attract dust and filth. Cleaning of window blinds isn’t just about beauty, but dusty blinds don’t open and close as they should. Some of the effective tips to clean the dust from the blinds are:


4 Tips for Cleaning Window Blinds

1. Vacuum the Blinds
To avoid scratching and denting the slats, you need to vacuum the window blind by using the brush attachment. For better results, fully close the slats in one direction to suction more of the blinds’ surface area. Open and close the slats in the opposite direction and, as well.
2. Spot Clean
After vacuuming the blinds, some hand marks and dirt appear that may require some more attention. So, try to wipe small dirty sections with a damp non-abrasive sponge. Gently wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth to avoid water spotting on blind slates.
3. Use A Microfiber Duster or Cloth
Do not have a microfiber cloth or duster? It’s time to get one. Microfiber cloths have an ability to absorb or remove moisture and dust. When compared to ordinary towels or dusters, they are found to eliminate 98.9% of germs. In fact, regular dusters sometimes just spread the dust and can cause scratches on the blinds, which beats the point of cleaning.
4. Start From the Top
When you’re cleaning blinds, to prevent dust from gathering on the lower slats, be sure to begin with the top slat and work your way down.
Tips for Specific Category Blinds
Wood Blinds

Wood blinds and white wooden blinds should not be submerged in water since the humidity will cause them to warp. By using oil or polish on wood blinds, it will attract more dirt to the slats and make them harder to clean. Instead of a polish, you need to wipe the slats clean by misting a microfiber cloth with witch hazel using a spray bottle.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds should only be vacuumed or dusted; never submerge them in the water as this will cause the blind to come separate from its backing. Dry microfiber cloth should be used to remove dust on both side of the vertical blinds. If your vertical blinds get a dirt that your vacuum can’t handle, bring the professional blind cleaner to clean them properly.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Slat Cleaner can be used for your Venetian blinds and wooden venetian blinds. It has several rows that can wipe the blind slates simultaneously, ensuring that cleaning of blind is simple and easy.


Bonus Tip
How Often to Clean Window Blinds

Whether your blinds are metal, wood, or plastic, dust blinds once in a month by using a dry method of cleaning from both sides of each slat from end to end. The best way to deep clean your blinds is by using a wet method once or twice in a year, but not recommended for wood and vertical blinds.


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  1. I found it quite helpful when you suggested that we use microfiber dusters or cloths when cleaning window blinds since compared to ordinary towels, they can eliminate up to 98.9% of germs. I’m renovating our guest room next weekend to turn it into my home office, and I was thinking of getting blinds to replace my window curtains. I’ll be sure to remember this advice while I look for blinds to use for my home office tomorrow.

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