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Designer Worthy Window Treatments for Traditional Style Homes

Everyone is a designer these days and there’s no time for window treatments that don’t look put together. Scale your style and let your windows help to get the job done with these designer-worthy window treatments for traditional-style homes. These affordable window treatments won’t steal the show, but they’re there to make a strong design statement with subtle sophistication. 

Traditional style homes are generally built with design-forward interiors, neat moldings, and other finishes that bring elegance to the rooms. While you are at it also check our custom blinds for your windows. To make a statement in these traditional-style areas, you can use window treatments that complement the décor but aren’t too bold for the space.

1)Faux Wood Blinds

If you’re searching for window treatments for your traditional style home, faux wood blinds may be the perfect solution for you. They come in a variety of colors and textures that can fit any interior design. While they are versatile and durable, faux wood blinds are also elegant and sophisticated. If you’re not familiar with Faux Wood Blinds, here is a brief introduction so that you can understand what they have to offer.

Faux Wood Blinds are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or composite materials that look and feel like real wood. They are available in many different colors and finishes, giving you plenty of options when choosing window treatments for your home.

If you have pets or children in the house, faux wood blinds are an ideal choice because they are extremely durable and resistant to scratches and dents. In fact, they can even withstand exposure to water without warping!

Unlike real wood blinds that need regular dusting, faux wood blinds do not collect dust as easily, making them easier to maintain. However, if you do find yourself needing clean them occasionally, all it takes is a damp cloth and mild soap!

2)Solar Shades

Solar shades are an excellent choice for traditional homes. They are available in a wide range of colors, from neutral khaki to dramatic black, and come in a variety of opacities, so you can choose the level of privacy you want. Solar shades are also very versatile because they can be installed inside or outside the window frame. This lets you adjust the fit to create a tailored look that suits your home’s traditional style.

Solar shades are a newer invention in the window treatment world. They’re a great choice for anyone who is looking to control the amount of light that comes into their home. Rather than completely blocking out the light, they filter it so that you can still see outside, but at the same time, you are preventing UV rays from entering your space. Solar shades come in a variety of colors and textures. So, no matter your interior design style, there’s sure to be a solar shade to fit your needs.

3)Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are a classic choice for traditional-style homes. Their solid construction, deep louvers, and wide frames are perfectly suited to the stately columns and imposing windows of a traditional home.

Wood shutters are typically made from premium hardwoods, like basswood or mahogany. These woods offer extremely durable finishes that can be painted or stained to match any decor.

The classic look of wood shutters is revered by designers and homeowners alike. They’re well known for their elegance and sophistication, which makes them an excellent choice for adding value to your home.

4)Panel Track System

A Panel Track system offers the best of both worlds. It combines the flexibility of a vertical blind with the softness and elegance of a drapery.

The panel system is made up of fabric panels that stack neatly to one side when pulled back. You can use this type of treatment in any room, but it’s particularly well suited for large or tall windows and sliding glass doors.

It’s also a good option if you want a vertical treatment, but don’t like the look or feel of traditional vertical blinds.

To us, designer-worthy window treatments are the most versatile choices for creating an overall aesthetic for a room in a traditional-style home. These window treatments in Harrisburg don’t have to be pricey, and sometimes it can be as simple as replacing individual curtains with blackout ones. We suggest using your favorite designs from ready-made options as well to make this process as easy as possible. If you’re looking for the right guide, get in touch with Windows By Dave right away!

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