Like Winston Churchill once quoted, “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us”, the design of a commercial space becomes its silent ambassador. 

Window treatments can have a huge influence on the overall décor of a space and help you create the ambiance you desire. Office buildings, medical facilities, hotels, malls, retail stores, garages etc are all examples of commercial spaces. Residential property with more than a specified number of units qualifies as commercial property in several states. 

Here is a collection of some of the best window treatment solutions that might elevate the aesthetic of your commercial spaces.

  1. 1. Choosing Window Treatments for Medical Offices
  • Horizontal Blinds are a great choice for medical institutions as they are great at offering light control and privacy, which are both crucial features in medical office window coverings.
  • Roller blinds are available in a range of fabric selections that let differing amounts of light in while giving a touch of luxury. Fabrics are more likely to gather allergies and airborne pollutants. Hard window treatments or antibacterial and fire-rated textiles are the best options for medical safety regulations in these locations.

  1.  2. Window Treatments for Retail Facilities
  • Window Films are aimed at enhancing the appearance of the window glass rather than letting them be just funtional. Window film is an excellent alternative for retail venues that desire their products to be on display and do not require any additional décor from window treatments.
  • Sun screens, also known as Solar Shades, are roller blinds that use a mesh screen rather than a single piece of material to cover windows. They also prevent future fading and damage to goods and possessions in space by blocking UV radiation.

  1. 3. Office Space Window Treatments
  • Most companies want their workplace to have a feeling of propriety and be physically beautiful without being distracting. Window shades are great for controlling light and are available in a broad range of colours, designs, and materials, making them incredibly adaptable.
  • Draperies are a charming compliment to any room. These or other soft window coverings, add a touch of comfort and elegance to the ambiance of a workplace. 
  • Control all your windows with Motorized Window Treatments that can be programmed to open and close automatically, allowing light in during work hours and adding security after hours, to eliminate glare or bright light right away. 

  1. 4. Hotel Window Treatments
  • Composite Wood Shutters made of composite wood are a timeless and attractive window decoration. They’re built of durable materials that are also simpler to clean and maintain. These shutters make a statement and don’t require much additional embellishment.

  1. 5. Solutions for School Window Treatments
  • Stage Drapes are normally thick, heavy drapes that open and close over the front of a stage, as well as along the sides and back to divide the stage from the backstage area. All stage curtains are made of a blend of materials that makes them flame resistant. Fabricating these draperies in school colours or having them custom printed with the school mascot is a wonderful way to show off the school’s spirit.

Creating a professional and visually pleasant environment in any commercial area may help enhance the staff morale and productivity. If you’re looking for affordable blinds and shades or the best window treatments for your commercial space, connect with us at Window Treatments By Dave immediately! We have years of expertise in providing a wide range of alternatives like blinds, accents, shutters, shades, and drapes that are customized according to the desires and heeds of business owners.

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