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How To Choose Window Treatments when constructing a new home

When you build a house, you will have to do more than just decide on a floor plan and siding. Every element, from customized lighting to window treatments help in improving the overall aesthetic of not just the window, but the entire space. They can be customized to your unique needs. If you are thinking of beginning the implementation of window coverings during your home’s construction phase, here’s a guide to the aspects and options you should consider before making a choice that compliments the interior of your home.

1. The Aspects 

  • – Style: Professional installers can work in creating window treatments that fit your vision. Consider your goals for your windows, the colors, the appearance, and the design you want. For example, floor-to-ceiling windows and small kitchen windows may require different kinds of drapes and curtains.

  • – Shape And Size: The shape and size of your window influence which style of window treatment will look best on them. For instance, 

Custom-fit shades look best for the following:

  1. Windows that are small
  2. Windows that are positioned high above the ground
  3. Windows with multiple sections

Drapes have the maximum impact when they are hung-over:

  1. Windows that are wide and tall
  2. Multi-sectional windows

These are not the be-all or end-all of recommendations. Mixing & combining can work to fit the aesthetic and purpose of your house like, you could even enjoy the concept of combining shades and draperies. Layering window treatments is a good design approach for adding dimension, seclusion, and luxury.

  • – Functionality

The functionality of your new window coverings is just as vital as their appearance. Privacy and light control are essential factors in determining how comfortable you will be with your window coverings in the long run. Motorization systems are highly popular because they allow you to control window coverings in difficult-to-reach areas such as skylights, in high vaulted ceilings, or behind bathtubs.

2. The Options 

Here is a list of the three best window treatments for a new home based on architectural style and other requirements.

  • – Plantation Shutters with Faux Wood

With their huge louvers, these shutters totally encase your windows while guiding light. These shutters are made of a long-lasting faux wood blend that will never yellow, fade, warp, or deteriorate. They will help prevent heat loss through your windows, letting your home maintain a pleasant temperature.

  • – A Classic Roller Shade

Whether you prefer conventional or modern décor, a classic roller shade might be the ideal window treatment for your new home. These stylish shades are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and trim options, allowing them to be tailored to each room’s own décor.

  • – Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds provide dimension to your windows by using contiguous fabric cells that fold like an accordion. These rigid honeycomb cells offer great light control and energy efficiency to your home by trapping heat near the window.

Your home is a canvas of your personality and choosing window treatments for your space can be challenging. We hope the aforementioned aspects and options would have helped clear the air for you. If you’re searching for reliable window treatments in and around Harrisburg, get in touch with Windows Treatments By Dave right away for customized accents, drapes, blinds, and shades that can fit any kind of window. Schedule your free consultation for easy and affordable window treatments

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  1. It makes sense that you should consider the design and appearance you want for your house to choose the right window treatments. My wife and I need to pick window treatments for our front living room. We’re aiming for a more modern theme, so I think shutters would be the best option for us.

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