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How to pick the best window treatments for each room of your house

When it comes to buying custom window treatments for your house, there are a lot of different options. Each room has its own style and feel, and the type of window treatments you should use will depend on the overall look and style of your house. If you don’t do this right, it can result in a cluttered or disorganized look that doesn’t leave a good first impression.

Whether you’re decorating a new home or simply sprucing up your existing one with window treatments near you, window treatments are a great way to highlight the room’s best features while maintaining privacy. There are several considerations to keep in mind when shopping for window treatments:

Room usage: Consider how the room will be used and what sort of lighting it will receive. For example, use sheer curtains or shades in rooms where privacy isn’t an issue — bedrooms or bathrooms, for instance — and opt for heavier curtains in rooms where you want some soundproofing or want to control light.

Color scheme: Window treatments should complement the colors in a room. If your walls are pink, then don’t choose curtains with red and green stripes. Instead, look for patterns that match the general color scheme of the room — like pastels.

Style: If you’re trying to achieve a certain style in a room, try to choose window treatments that complement that style. For example, simpler window treatments work well in modern spaces and bold colors work well in eclectic rooms.

Lighting: If the windows don’t receive much light, look for sheer drapes that allow plenty of light through. If there’s too much natural light coming into a room from, consider using window shades and blinds instead of using drape.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some good ideas to use as you decide where window treatments can help make your house a more enjoyable space to be. But if you still aren’t feeling confident that you’re making the right decision, find a local interior designer or architect for additional advice and guidance for shutter blinds for windows.

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