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Is Buying Double Hung Plantation Shutters worth the investment?

Take the time to consider your situation and the measurements of your windows. Double-hung shutters are a great investment, but they should be functional, too. Plantation shutters are a versatile design that can look beautiful in almost any home. Deciding how best to install them and how to work them into your home can be a challenge. But with a little investigation, you can find the right shutters for your home. Buying plantation shutters for double-hung windows in your home can be a great investment as long as you know what to look for. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of it and enjoy them for many years to come.

There are three types of plantation shutters.

1. Single Hung: These are the most common type of plantation shutters. They are designed to open from the top down and close from the bottom up. This means that when they are opened, they pull away from the wall and tilt-up, exposing the window completely. When closed, they tilt down against the wall, covering the window completely.

2. Double-hung Shutters: These shutters sit on a track system with two vertical slats rather than one. The slats can be tilted up separately or together, allowing more light in during the day.

3. Roller Blinds: These blinds roll horizontally across your entire window frame and can be raised or lowered like a curtain to expose your windows at any time of day.

The Benefits of Double Hung Plantation Shutters.

  1. Available in Varieties: Shutter blinds for windows are the most popular choice for windows and doors because they are easy to open and close and provide excellent insulation. They come in many styles and colors and can be made of wood or vinyl.

  1. Time-Saving:  For homeowners who want to minimize the amount of time they spend cleaning their windows, double-hung plantation shutters are a great investment.

  1. Keep Out Bugs – Another benefit of double-hung plantation shutters is that they keep out bugs like mosquitoes and other insects from entering your home through your windows. This makes them an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from allergies or has children who play outside often during the summer months when there are more bugs around than usual!

  1. Family Safety: Double-hung plantation shutters are safe for children and pets. Some people opt for safety when choosing plantation shutters, and that’s understandable. In some cases, double-hung plantation shutters can be the best choice for your home.

  1. Low maintenance and easy cleaning: Double-hung shutters have two panels that move vertically, which makes them safer for children and pets than louvered shutters, which have more moving parts. The slats also allow air to flow through the window. This makes them ideal for homes with high air conditioning bills during the summer months, according to the University of Florida Extension Service website. Plus, you’ll be able to clean them without removing them from the window frame — just wipe them down with a cloth dipped in water and soap or bleach solution.

In the end, it all comes down to your needs, wants, and budget. If you have a big budget and are looking for an extensive upgrade to your home, then double-hung plantation shutters may very well be worth the investment. But, if you’re on a budget, or just don’t have any specific plans for the shutters, then it might be better to go with something more affordable and customized shades.

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