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Upgrading Your Window Treatments can help create an eco-friendly home

A swath of floating plastic has grown to twice the size of Texas, somewhere between California and Hawaii. Our sea level is rising, and the weather has become increasingly unpredictable . We must believe that becoming green is critical. 

It may appear to be an intractable problem, but there is something you can do, and it can be done from the comfort of your own home. If you’re thinking, how? Do not worry! We’ll go through some of the most efficient ways of upgrading your window treatments that’ll also help you make your home more ecologically conscious!

  1. 1. Cellular Shades with Insulation 

Because of the air pocket architecture integrated into their design, Insulated Cellular Shades, also known as Honeycomb Shades, limit heat transmission from the window to the room or vice versa. As a result, replacing your window coverings to this style will cut heat loss by 40%, making your home more comfortable to live in while also respecting the environment.

  1. 2. Solar powered Blinds

Solar roof blinds are an excellent way to save electricity. They work by capturing solar energy through a small solar panel on the window side of the blind. During daylight hours, this charges the battery. These tinted vertical blinds are fully motorized for simplifying the operation and will also not add to your electricity consumption.

  1. 3. Custom Interior Wood-look Window Shutters 

During the day, the slats on these shutters can be adjusted to let in sunshine to warm a space or closed to keep the heat out. The slats’ ability to lay flat on the frame forms a barrier against cold air infiltration through drafty windows. They also give any place a timeless look.

  1. 4. Upcycling Your Pre-loved Curtains and Drapes 

Repurposing old curtains that have seen better days is a pretty sweet deal. If you’ve relocated and can’t bear parting with those curtains that no longer fit your new windows, then this is a fantastic method to enhance the value of what you currently have.

Considering natural fibers such as bamboo, jute, wood, reeds, and grasses for your Window Treatments also counts as an eco-friendly step as these materials are biodegradable. Organic cotton is a renewable, ecological, and biodegradable fabric that is ideal for soft window coverings like curtains, drapes, and Roman shades.

If you’re looking to take that one green step of upgrading your window treatments for an eco- friendly home, that’s where we come in. At Window Treatments By Dave, we offer customized window blinds, accents, shutters, shades, and drapes for any window. We would be absolutely delighted to provide services with an edge of eco-sensitivity as we believe that it’s an equal responsibility to be environmentally cautious. Our wide range of services and years of expertise makes us a one stop destination for all your window covering needs. Hurry up!  Schedule your free in- home consultation today and together, let’s Go Green! 

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