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What are the Types of Blinds & which suits your home best?

Window blinds can enhance the impression of an entire room and contribute to the overall design of the home. They are hard window treatments made of slats that slip down as they are lowered or drawn across a window to stack lengthwise and the side. These are typically operated by a manual pull cord and are designed to be tightly closed for privacy and light control. But, they can also be moved or tilted at various angles to allow you to manage the amount of light required. 

Blinds come in a variety of types offering different features and we understand that it could get complicated to choose from a spectrum. Hence, we are here to unveil some of the most popular choices that could potentially suit your home.

  1. 1. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are horizontal slats made of metal, wood, or plastic that can be tilted up to 180 degrees to allow more or less light as desired. Modern models of these blinds also bring along the cordless feature which is ideal for households with dogs and/or kids. They are also an excellent choice for individuals on a strict budget who also wish to have elegant and functional window coverings.

  1. 2. Vertical Blinds

Do you need blinds to cover a sliding glass door or a tall window? If so, consider vertical blinds. These tiltable floor-to-ceiling slats are usually made of vinyl or fabric. The vertical blinds swing open from one side to the other when the connecting cord is pulled. This is one of the reasons they are such a popular choice for sliding glass doors.

  1. 3. Motorized Blinds 

Smart blinds, also known as motorized blinds, can be operated by remote, voice, or an app on your phone when linked to a smart home assistant.  These are ideal for the specially-abled who may be unable to operate corded blinds. Motorized blinds are also the most appropriate choice for hard-to-reach windows such as skylights, or for homeowners who dislike the cluttered appearance of cords. They can also enhance your privacy as well as the safety of your home by allowing you to manage the blinds while you are away.

  1. 4. Roller Blinds

Unlike traditional blinds that have stacked slats, roller blinds unroll from a spool that you connect to the top of your window. They are available in a range of fabrics, light filtration, colors, and designs. PVC is perhaps the most adaptable fabric. It is inherently flame retardant, waterproof, simple to clean, and strong, making it suitable for use in any space. They are designed to keep heat in and cold out, making them ideal for any windows that are exposed to wind or face the sun.

  1. 5. Zebra  Blinds

If you’re seeking blinds that are both unique and modern, look no further than zebra blinds. These blinds have a zebra-like pattern of overlapping fabric layers. They are appropriate for areas such as the kitchen, where the homeowner prefers blinds that are more appealing than those providing complete coverage.

Rightly customed window blinds are timeless and have the ability to last for several years. If you’re looking to include the versatility of window blinds into your home decor, feel free to reach out to our specialists from Windows Treatment By Dave. We provide you with a multitude of window treatments such as the best-motorized blinds, colored vertical blinds, shutters, shades, and a lot more to choose from. Our sophisticated expertise in every step from planning to implementation is going to tick your boxes of vision for your beautiful home. 

4 thoughts on “What are the Types of Blinds & which suits your home best?”

  1. Thank you for explaining about venetian blinds. I’ve been thinking about updating the blinds in our home. I hadn’t really thought about these, but the cordless feature seems like it could be a good idea for the littles in our home.

  2. You’ve been quite helpful in providing information regarding Venetian blinds. Our current blinds are looking a little dated, so I’ve been considering replacing them. Until now, I hadn’t given much consideration to these, but now that I do, I can see how having a cordless option might be useful for the little ones in our house.

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