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What are the types of Shutters and which will suit your home?

Shutters are said to have originated in Ancient Greece in the 15th century, when boulders were put in the crevices between window frames to allow light and moderate the Mediterranean heat. It’s said that the earliest shutters were fashioned with fixed louvers made of marble and subsequently replaced with wood. More materials were employed throughout time, including engineered wood, laminate, vinyl, and powder-coated aluminum. You may be wondering, “Do I need shutters?” and, if so, “What is the ideal shutter style for my home?”

Let’s begin by delving a bit more into the various varieties of Window Shutters.

  1. Louver Shutters: One of the more popular window and door choices in American homes, louvers were initially employed to ventilate towers or dome-like lanterns mounted on the roofs of medieval European constructions. Louver window shutters are currently used both inside and outside of homes. The overlapping horizontal slats on the same frame, often paired with slatted shutters, provide a complicated design that improves the overall appeal of the home. Working louver shutters can open and close or stay at a constant angle.

  1. Café Style Shutters: Café Style Shutters are distinctive in their aesthetic appeal since they only cover the bottom half of your window, maximizing light while maintaining seclusion. They are particularly useful since the slats can always be rotated to manage light filtering. People with street-facing windows should install Café Type Shutters without hesitation since this style is a perfect option for first-floor windows, keeping your home from being immediately viewed by outsiders and providing eye-level privacy. Other advantages include stylish light filtering.

  1. Bahamas and Bermuda Shutters: Bahamas and Bermuda shutters resemble louvered shutters because they have the same type of slats that block out the sun. The difference lies in them being secured at the top and opened by pushing out at the bottom, rather than being attached to hinges on the sides. As a consequence, they are more robust than typical louvered shutters, and are more popular in tropical areas that are frequently battered by powerful storms – thus the name. They are an excellent choice if you want to be guarded from both the sun and the wind at different times of the year.

  1. Double Hung Shutters: These are split into top and bottom tiers, which are totally separated at one point in the window. So, basically, this fundamental function allows you to either entirely close both tiers or open the top one to optimize light while closing the bottom one to preserve privacy. If you are fortunate enough to have a view worth admiring through your windows, Double Hung Shutters, A.K.A. Tier On Tier shutters, might be the ideal solution, allowing you to appreciate the countryside while filtering light or ensuring privacy as needed.

  1. Wooden Window Shutters: Wooden Window shutters offer your area a very contemporary yet trendy appeal. Some of the several benefits of wood shutters are easy light control, durability, and ease of cleaning. The nicest thing about wood shutters is that they instantly increase the value of your home effortlessly.

  1. Tracked System Shutters: Track system shutters are particularly built for residences and windows that require a lengthy line of shutters. Their appeal stems mostly from their ability to be utilized as room dividers, patio or French door covers, and even walk-in closets. When it comes to filtering exterior light into the living area, they are incredibly adaptable. For example, you could draw out the closed louvers for a total blackout, open the louvers for partial light, and with the sliding option, just fold away the shutter to let the light in entirely.

Shutters, unlike other window treatments, have the ability to retain the individuality of the place they cover without entirely concealing it, and this can be accomplished by installing customized shutters that are precisely the correct fit for the concerned area. Are you looking for window shutters that will empower your home to speak volumes of your own style? Window Treatments by Dave can help you with that! Contact us right now to set up your free in-home consultation.

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  1. It was interesting to know that wooden shutters not only increase the value of the home, but are also easy to clean, good at light control, and durable. My mom would love this because she plans on selling our home in the next two years. She needs something that she could use now and help sell the house faster in the future.

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